WeControl into small UAVs

Established since April 2009 in Courtelary in the Canton of Bern, weControl is developing software and hardware solutions to pilot light (typically 10 to 250 kilogrammes) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Founded 10 years ago by four engineers from the Swiss Institute of Technology of Zürich (ETHZ) the small company, led by Jacques Chapuis since its acquisition by SURVEY Copter from France in September 2007, is integrating its technologies into fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft in surveillance helicopters of Swiss companies such as Swiss UAV and Aeroscout. Autopilot Sytems

weControl’s flight control solutions increase the level of autonomy of miniature unmanned aerial vehicles by combining modern system theory, sensor technologies and state of the art embedded computing. Inserted between RC receiver and servo actuators of small unmanned helicopters and airplanes, its systems consist typically of a built in low power high performance computer system, a GPS receiver, a full  six-degree of freedom inertial measurement unit, a barometer and an externally connectable manometer. This provides altitude stabilisation, velocity control for cruise and position control for hover.

As an OEM provider of autopilot systems for the world-wide civil and defense UAV market, the company’s primary clientele includes manufacturers of UAVs for professional civilian and military applications, research organisations, government procurement agencies, and manufacturers of remote-controlled helicopters and airplanes for flight services like aerial photography, video and filming. The company is now demonstrating its solutions worldwide but most of its clients tend to favor confidentiality.

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