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Even the best technologies are of no use if they are not correctly deployed and tailored to a target market. While this statement seems obvious it doesn’t reflect the complexity of our job:  combining the constraints of operations with the expertise of innovation. For us at UDITIS, the secret of success lies in our core values, namely technical know-how and expertise, interpersonal skills, listening, empathy and loyalty. Ten years after our first lines of code, our staff, customers and partners still associate us with these core values. This is the most outstanding anniversary gift we could receive!

UDITIS has been able to weave an excellent network with partners working in a great variety of markets, whose common denominators are information technology requirements and the production of these solutions. The success of this SME owes nothing to chance, but rather to the constant drive to understand customer needs, who are not always information systems specialists. The founders are still at the helm of this dynamic enterprise, whose business and managerial complementarity give it its power, purpose and vitality.

The genesis of UDITIS

Just before the Year 2000 transition, CSEM, which industrialises new solutions in the field of micro-technology, was planning to streamline two Business Units, reducing our parent company’s workforce from 500 to 300. We suggested to create an IT services company to meet the needs of CSEM, its new daughter companies and the market. While we were at the cutting edge in terms of technology and operations, we still had all to learn in terms of commercial strategies. A human adventure started out with 13 people, which proved to be a lucky number.

In its first phase, UDITIS offered the same services as CSEM. These were the IT layers, i.e. the network, servers and storage systems, fixed and mobile customer workstations, databases and applications, as well as personalisation and operation of ERP SAP. Or, put simply, «from cable to click». The first customers were partners of CSEM, but as time went on we started to diversify our markets, which would enable us to avoid short-term crises going forward. Our business volume growth has been constant, exceeding 8 million CHF in 2010.

Our mission is to guarantee our Customers the continuity of their IT environment, as well as providing a high-quality service tailored to their strategy, their culture and their budget. It is divided into three core competencies: Consultancy «Advice is more valuable when asked for than when offered». This is exactly the approach with which UDITIS likes to work! We do not claim to know everything, and under no circumstances do we lecture people! What we can do, on the other hand, is listen to our customers, understand and analyse their requirements in terms of information technologies, and help them find the best solution to meet their objectives.

Project Nurturing, maturing, nourishing, completing or executing a project. At UDITIS, the concept of a project refers to a business contract in which we commit to providing a service and a measurable result meeting a set of specifications, often drawn up with the customer in the design phase. UDITIS works with its customers as an integrator in network development, virtualisation of servers and clients, and configuration of SAP and Sharepoint solutions.

Product We chose to develop applications in ASP mode (Application Service Provider). In 2000, we leased the first application, Timelead, for use in managing companies’ work hours allocations. The commercial debut was rather slow. In fact, at that time the supply of a rental solution represented a cultural problem in data localisation. Today we are not only satisfied to have taken this path, with nearly 3000 Timelead users, but we can also boast a wealth of experience from our assault on an SaaS (Software as a Service) market which is opening up before us. Planlead, a resource planning application related to Timelead, is in the process of release. UDITIS has continued to develop applications in ASP mode, including Guestlead, which is aimed at event organisers and covers everything from selection and sending out invitations, to on-line satisfaction questionnaires, before accessing multimedia galleries of the event.

UDITIS has also developed products for third parties as a publisher. Thanks to our synergy, these third parties can win over and dominate new markets with innovative, dynamic and unique solutions.Looking into the future

UDITIS is committed to being the key consultancy and project partner for its loyal customers for a long time to come. As a forward-looking group we are currently rolling out a growth strategy based on entering new markets with our successful experience and skills as the provider of the «Technology/Operations» tandem, in support of the «Business/Market» role held by our partners.

Our experience and knowledge of management enable us to build new vertical services on the «UDITIS cloud». UDITIS is investing in this strategy, taking risks for both short and long-term benefits, according to the scope and nature of each venture. We are also active in the Steering Committee of the future «Creative Centre», an initiative of the Neuchâtel Chamber of Trade and Industry, alongside several heads of SMEs, under the leadership of Xavier Comtesse. Will this creative hub provide a new source of satisfaction? We are confident it will!

The SaaS model, mobility and development of agile and flexible web solutions are assets that will enable UDITIS to harness its experience and deliver on its promise of «powered by UDITIS» or «UDITIS Inside». We have already made contacts, projects and achieved an initial success with Signa-Terre, the architect of your commitment for a sustainable world, with which we published a software suite aimed at property management agencies and corporate property customers, in the context of energy savings.


Mission UDITIS guarantees its customers the continuity of their IT environment.

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