The Creativity Center takes off in Sion

If the Valais comprises world leaders in Biotech Manufacturing- did it not after all give birth to the leading CMO Lonza, which was quickly joined by Orgamol/BASF, Sochinaz, Debio RP and ExcellGene - it wants to preserve its pioneering spirit and support the emergence of ideas and products. And it is the turn of the town of Sion, its capital, to position itself by launching a new initiative promoting creativity. With the support of both institutional and industrial actors, the new Creativity Center will accompany ideas, structure them and give them the necessary framework for their development. This initiative is the first element of an ambitious framework for the creation of a truly integrated R&D and industrial campus.

This initiative is widely supported by key industry players such as Debiopharm Group who sees an opportunity to strengthen its collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Sion, particularly in the areas of analytics and peptides. A nice example of a public-private partnership strengthening the entire chain of innovation: by reinforcing its capabilities in R & D, supporting the emergence of new ideas and supporting its start-ups.


The «Prix Debiopharm / Valais pour les Sciences de la Vie» was created in 2008 to recognize and encourage the development of new activities and to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences and technology sectors of the canton of Valais. Potential candidates are students, scientists, start-ups and small to medium size companies, having research work with potential applications in the life sciences.

Whilst the name of Debiopharm Group (“Debiopharm”) is extremely closely associated to the award, not the least because Debiopharm is funding the price, the creation of that award has been made possible thanks to a most effective cooperation between  the department of economic development  of the canton of Valais, the “The Ark foundation”, and Debiopharm, as represented by Debio R.P. in Martigny. Debiopharm is extremely proud that the 2009 and 2010 prizes were awarded to David Crettenand  of RedElec and to DiagnoSwiss respectively.

By Bertrand

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