Telecom World 2011: “Gathering government decision makers and company executives under the same roof”

What theme will underpin Telecom World 2011?Telecom World 2011 will tackle events in ICT from a new perspective. The approach will be fourfold: knowledge sharing, networking, business deals and consensus formation. As the UN agency for information and communication technologies, the ITU is able to gather government decision makers and company executives under the same roof. The near 7 billion people who make up our world are faced with huge challenges – challenges that can be influenced by ICT. Telecom World 2011 intends to lay out the present and future roles of ICT as well as reveal its impact on people’s lives and, ultimately, gauge the concerns that individuals, governments and organisations have about these issues. What commercial opportunities do you think these trends will bring?The development of ICT will radically change our way of life in the next 20 years. Embedded chips will increase systems intelligence, cloud computing promises to be more efficient, and platform and peripherals integration will slowly wipe out technological barriers. In short, ICT will make our lives more pleasant. What companies do can have an impact on millions of people. The stakes are such that it is paramount to lay the foundations of an industry from which the greatest number will benefit. Success will come from shared discussion, debate and decision making – the hallmarks of our show. It is not possible to foresee which commercial opportunities will emerge from Telecom World 2011 – the industry and government leaders there will be discussing international standards – but the networking opportunities during the show will lead to contacts being made, visions brought forward, fundamental decisions being taken and opportunities created.


*Blaise Judja-Sato, a Wharton Business School MBA., also has a Master’s degree in telecommunications engineering from Telecom ParisTech and a Master’s degree in applied mathematics. He dedicates his time to organisations that make ICT accessible to all.

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