Peak performance in solar technologies at 3S Swiss Solar Systems

3S Swiss Solar Systems with its brands 3S Modultec – Module Solutions and 3S Photovoltaics – Solar Building Technologies is a subsidiary of Meyer Burger Technology AG. As such, 3S is a pioneer in the Swiss solar industry. The company’s purpose when it was founded in 2001 was to produce top quality solar modules for integration in buildings - so called Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) elements.

With the continual development of solar modules, it quickly became apparent that the production equipment available on the market did not meet the company’s requirements. Given this situation, the company started to work on the development of laminating lines and semi-automated production lines for solar module manufacturing, thus diversifying into a new area of business.Lamination is determining the lifespan of solar modules

The quality of the lamination process determines the useful lifespan of a solar module, which can be 20 to 30 years. During lamination, an interconnection process takes place in which the solar cells are encapsulated between a covering glass plate and a back-sheet of glass or foil. This protects the module from the effects of weather, particularly moisture.

3S Modultec laminating lines meet the most stringent of demands placed on the laminating process. They are fitted with their own patented heating system, which optimises the cross-linking of the EVA foil and results in a highly reproducible and stable laminating process. Over the years 3S Modultec has steadily continued to develop fully automated laminating lines. With various innovative steps, the developers at 3S have repeatedly improved the process stability, throughput of the machines and cycle times, thus enabling customers to produce solar modules of the highest quality at lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

In 2008, 3S introduced new production equipment for the highest degree of automation of solar module production lines. Today 3S offers its customers customized levels of automation for a variety of production capacities and needs. Every line is carefully engineered to the specific manufacturing requirements of the customer. 3S production lines are built-up using a modular system and can be extended with minimal production interruption and cost. The optimally synchronised range of 3S production lines from a single source combined with unique product certification support and comprehensive process training, form an ideal basis for comprehensive project completion in the shortest possible time. The 3S Modultec integrated production solution improves time-to-market and cuts the TCO for production across the entire value-chain for high-performance solar panels. When installing the integrated production lines, 3S Modultec works closely with Somont and Pasan, both also companies within the Meyer Burger Group. Together with the specialists in the interconnection of solar cells at Somont (Umkirch, Germany) and the experts in solar measurement technology at Pasan (Neuchâtel), 3S Modultec covers all three key technologies required for industrial-scale solar module manufacturing.  Innovative architecture with PV Modules from 3S Photovoltaics

Since its inception, 3S Swiss Solar Systems  Ltd has been producing solar modules designed for building integration. The innovative solar systems not only embody advanced Swiss technology: 3S combines long-term, high-yield energy production with superlative aesthetic standards. The company is one of the pioneers in the installation of solar energy systems in new and renovated buildings. The MegaSlate solar roof system manufactured in Lyss, Switzerland, enables the buildings of today to produce more energy than they themselves require. Unparalleled know-how, extensive project experience and leading production technology make 3S Photovoltaics the ideal partner for highly prestigious projects in building-integrated photovoltaics. In 2010, eight building projects of 3S Photovoltaics were awarded the Swiss Solar Prize. From the new Monte Rosa Lodge,  energy retrofitting for old buildings and energy-plus houses to the largest photovoltaic installation integrated into any building in Switzerland (on the roof of a cowshed near Bern), projects using solar panels from 3S Photovoltaics took top prizes in all categories. Commitment to full profitability of future solar technology

In conjunction with all its sister companies within Meyer Burger Technology AG, 3S covers every major area along the entire photovoltaics value-chain. The Swiss technology company is committed to making photovoltaics a fully profitable technology in the near future – and one that can develop its full potential also in the Swiss domestic market. As a provider of solutions and know-how in the field of economical solar energy, the company is aiming to further develop its technological advantage and continue to expand in the major solar industry markets of the future, above all in Asia and the USA. With the increase in its international presence, the cooperative development work within the Group, and the continual advancement of their innovative products, 3S Swiss Solar Systems is consistently forging ahead to achieve its goal of further reducing the production costs of solar modules.





Monte rosa The facade of the new Monte Rosa cabin is covered with highly weather resistant solar panels developed by 3S.




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La quête de la performance solaire

Basée à Lyss dans le canton de berne, 3S Swiss Solar Systems est une filiale du groupe Meyer Burger. L’entreprise a été créée en 2001 pour développer des modules solaires de haute qualité pour s’intégrer dans les immeubles. Elle a du rapidement développé ses propres procédés de lamination des panneaux solaires (3S Modultec) parce qu’ils déterminent la durée de vie de ces derniers. La production de telles lignes de fabrication automatisées des modules est ainsi devenue une activité à part entière. En parallèle, 3S produit les systèmes de toits solaires hautement efficients MegaSlate à Lyss.  Avec Meyer Burger, l’entreprise est présente sur toute la chaine du solaire photovoltaïque. Elle s’emploie à diminuer drastiquement les coûts de production des modules afin de rendre l’électricité solaire ultra compétitive dans un  proche futur.

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