NEXThink signs with EADS

“The 2010 results are worthy of our objectives,” says Vincent Bieri, co-founder of NEXThink. “Besides the agreement we signed recently with Cassidian (the new name for EADS Defence & Security), the start-up concluded many contracts in Italy and the Middle East. And 2011 looks promising.”Computer optimisation in real time

Launched in 2005 by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Swiss Institute of Technology of  Lausanne (EPFL), NEXThink is active in the field of computing resource management. With its software installed in over 500,000 work stations spread across a dozen countries, it has developed a unique and innovative technology that facilitates and improves computer monitoring of large companies or public organisations. The technology rapidly pins down glitches in individual work stations, and it can also carry out data and statistical analysis.

The swift centralisation of information saves between 18 and 36% of an organisation’s computing budget – a definite plus for productivity. Customers include the Swiss Federal Roads Office, the canton and the city of Geneva, the French Ministry of Defence (accounting for 250,000 work stations), the EPFL, the University Hospital of Lausanne, Qatar Telecom, the Swiss Touring Club, BAT and a number of local private banks. Recently, the company signed contracts with the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, the Swiss Federal Department of Finance and the Federal Pension Fund.

At present NEXThink is managing over 80 clients on 1,000 sites worldwide. It employs about thirty people. NEXThink has been profitable since 2009 and continues to grow throughout the world. A turnover of CHF 20 million (€15 million) is expected by the end of 2012.

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