Logico: the conquest of the global market

Established in 1993, Logico SA set itself the goal of distributing and implementing in French-speaking Switzerland an ERP system developed in German-speaking Switzerland. Following its growing reputation and the successful deals concluded in various areas of French-speaking Switzerland, Logico SA has subsequently opened a branch in Crissier near Lausanne, followed by one in Villars-sur-Glâne, in the Fribourg agglomeration.

Its goal was to ensure local services in order to best support its customers’ projects in the service, trade and industrial sectors. Thanks to the success of this initiative and as new opportunities arose, more recently Logico SA opened a branch in German-speaking Switzerland in Lucerne and St. Gallen, then one on the other side of the Rhein in Ravensburg, Germany, and one in Dornbirn, in nearby Austria. These two branches are intended to promote the distribution of the developments realized in recent years in German-speaking regions. As a result, Logico SA has experienced a steady growth and from the core team of its two co-founders Jean-Pierre and François Knuchel in 1993, it now employs 50 people spread over the various sites. Partner of the year

Logico SA is currently one of the most important partners of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Switzerland and was recently recognised by Microsoft as “Romandie Partner of the Year” in 2009 and 2010. Subsequently, it was welcomed as a member of the exclusive “Microsoft President’s Club” during a ceremony held in Washington. In 1998, Logico SA carried out its first projects with the Danish ERP Navision, which was subsequently acquired by the Microsoft Corporation. Today, the product is distributed under the name of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is a standard platform with a wide range of integrated functionalities, including a CRM, an item and stock management system, sales and purchasing functions, an after-sales service module and another module for production. All the system data are integrated into financial and analytical accounting. Besides, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a powerful development tool that allows adapting the basic functionalities and most importantly running applications adapted to the requirements of the customers or of a specific business sector.

The wide functional basis of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard offers a considerable advantage when running vertical applications: not only the customers can rest assured of having proven integrated modules in NAV installation environments, but with the licence they will also buy all the standard functionalities listed above.

Entering the oil market

For a few years now, Logico SA has been intensively and thoroughly focusing on these vertical solutions and add-ons. Today, the company offers a comprehensive product range and an integrated analysis tool as well as a variant configurator for sales and purchasing and the integration of a planning tool complementing the possibilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Among the flagship products of Logico SA, the company developed a business management tool and especially the “LogiPetrol” solution, intended for the trade and distribution of petrol and fuel.

The development of new and innovative products requires a close and constant relationship with customers. For this reason, in 2004 Logico SA entered a partnership with AGIP in Switzerland for the development and the implementation of a first version of the solution. Following this successful experience, in 2008 the company created a team dedicated to the “LogiPetrol” solution. The department includes consultants and engineers with a  long experience in the distribution of petroleum products. Their deep understanding of the skills related to the distribution of petroleum products to end users made it possible to set up a specific version of “LogiPetrol” for six Swiss partners of the AVIA Group.

Currently, the “LogiPetrol” solution manages about one fourth of the petrol stations in Switzerland and around fifteen heating oil distribution companies. Furthermore, the tool accounts for the monthly accounting of several tens of thousands of credit cards, including hundreds of thousands of transactions, among which the “Routex” card used all over Europe. A module for the lubricant trade, including a part for production, as well as a tool for managing the regular maintenance of tanks complete the “LogiPetrol” solution. Logico SA is currently working on the final stages of a “LogiPetrol” solution intended for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking market. From local to global markets

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has gained itself the reputation of being a software with reasonable implementation times and consequently reduced final costs.  Furthermore, Microsoft manages a worldwide network of partners implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV. These partners employ local specialists who know the distinctive financial, fiscal and customs characteristics of their countries. All the above points make the Microsoft Dynamics NAV “LogiPetrol” solution particularly well suited for medium-sized companies, especially those of emerging markets.

In this perspective Logico SA has expanded the premises of its headquarters in Biel/Bienne and doubled their surface to accommodate the distribution and service department on a global level. As for “LogiPetrol”, derived, completed and refined with experience in projects, Logico SA has developed add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, “LogiAnalysis”,  a fully in Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated analysis tool or “LogiConfigurator”, a sales and production configurator, both also for distribution.

Our activity in the customers’ projects retains its paramount importance because it is only from the joint effort for finding solutions to customers’ specific requirements that new ideas can be born. Maybe one day they will generate new and innovative products for distribution.



LOGIPETROL The company has developed a tool for the trade and distribution of petrol and fuel.

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