How LGE’s WinBiz enterprise software is building leadership

La Gestion Electronique SA (LGE) is a service company founded in 1972 in Martigny in the canton of Valais. Since the launch of WinBiz  in 1993,  the company has concentrated most of its activity on the development and promotion of  management software. To date there are 35,000 users of different variants of WinBIZ, and the product is especially established in small and medium-sized companies. They are attracted both by the versatility of WinBiz and its competitive pricing.

As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite tailored for Swiss SMEs, WinBIZ  supports the management of all operational and decision-making processes of companies. Accounting, administration and commercial interactions are easy, fast and reliable. Bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll systems, and employee tasks are integrated and made available to the entire corporate network, including and subsidiaries, branches, retail outlets, and so on. The result is an end to outstanding payments, incomplete bids, delivery delays and billing errors. From bidding for a contract to the printing of invoice reminders, LGE’s customers can entrust their business management to WinBIZ tools. Corporate performance is enhanced and growth boosted, enabling companies to face an ever-more hectic world with confidence. For these reasons, more than 650 resellers and auditing companies actively recommend WinBIZ software to their clients.Customer feedback is the number one priority

LGE’s strengths include its ability to listen to SMEs’ requests, and its close collaboration with its users. This rests on the company’s focus on customers with Helpdesk, which is operated by top experts who are able to provide advice in 40 different fields. The technical support team works closely with our software engineers, keeping them informed of the comments and suggestions made by users.

LGE nurtures this special relationship throughout the year, taking part in all major regional exhibitions, such as the Business Roadshow, the largest IT exhibition tour of the French speaking cantons of Geneva, Valais, Vaud, Fribourg and Neuchâtel. On site, our staff always enjoys sharing these special opportunities to get to know clients personally. Putting a face to a voice and/or e-mail contact is seen as an essential element of building relationships with our customers. It provides another opportunity to hear their views and to present them with planned new features of WinBiz. This face-to-face interaction is something that is very much appreciated by our customers.WinBIZ training in nearly 50 institutes

Most WinBIZ software tools, such as WinBiz Accounting are “ready-to-use” and do not require specific training. However, LGE also offers products which it is possible to tailor and customise. For this type of software, training and configuration advice can be provided to users, mostly in learning centres near the client company.

Until 2007, LGE entrusted its users’ training to specialised schools throughout Western Switzerland. Given the constantly growing customer base and increasing requests from partners, the company has opened an in-house division dedicated to training in its technologies. This is provided in the WinBIZ Learning Centre, at a company’s own site, through tele-assistance, or  in one of the fifty institutes certified eduQua (Migros Club School, Ifage, etc.), meaning clients have easy access to training throughout the country.Driving innovation

If customer feedback is what prompts LGE to action, research and development is its engine. The company has thirty employees, including a dedicated R&D department of engineers, testers and economists. The department uses Agile methodology to develop our software, without losing sight of customer satisfaction and reacting swiftly to requests from clients. Most development work is handled with Microsoft tools. However other tools are also used, when they are more appropriate and can provide continuity.

Business Intelligence tools are also integrated into WinBiz. To ensure greater customer convenience, LGE offers sophisticated features to meet users’ current and future requirements. All developments relating to Swiss withholding tax, wage data and VAT are constantly updated in line with the requirements of the cantonal and federal administrations. The first WinBIZ mobile applications were launched five years ago, and mobile platforms are now a key aspect of LGE’s strategy.



Integration All operational and decision making  processes of companies are supported.



Mobility becomes paramount

Reflecting its position at the cutting edge of new trends, WinBIZ now seamlessly integrates  with the most visited e-commerce sites (CRE Loaded ™,  Magento™, osCommerce ™, Oxatis ™, PhPeppershop ™, PrestaShop ™, ShopMachine ™, Virtuemart ™,  YourShop, Zen Cart ™). Customers can quickly capitalise on these additional distribution channels. Product catalogues and inventories are available in WinBIZ. Also, internet orders and new customers are automatically downloaded.

Likewise, WinBIZ E-banking allows transactions to be handled directly from the application, with all financial institutions, including PostFinance, UBS, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen banks, cantonal banks, and so on. Confirmation of appointments, deliveries, etc can be made by e-mail, fax or SMS text messages from the application itself.

In line with increased mobility, WinBIZ products are also accessible via Internet. WinBIZ SaaS (software as a service) allows users to work with WinBIZ tools outside their offices, and audit companies may act remotely. These features are all available in real time, without travel costs or interrupting work flows.Finally, since the amount of open source software available has increased significantly, WinBIZ also connects to these types of products, including OpenOffice, Google, and so on.

WinBIZ software is available in French, German, Italian and English. While the product is widely known in Western Switzerland, LGE SA is now actively seeking new Swiss German partners. Significant growth is expected in this market in the next five years.

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