How gives Baume & Mercier the necessary difference to stand out in the long term

Social media were first used as a purpose for visibility and dissemination: blogs have indeed existed since the late nineties and YouTube since 2005. Facebook has reversed the trend. With 26 million individual visitors per month in Switzerland, and 540 million world-wide, it has become in less than four years the first community web-site in the world.

Facebook’s strength has overtaken Google as the gateway to the internet, both in their number of visits and their average time spent on sites. This enthusiasm moreover forced the search engine to integrate real-time results from social media. Facebook is a service which is powerful enough to adapt to all sorts of marketing strategies, whether it be B2B or B2C. By going into the social media, we find internet users where they are. As it is not possible to be present everywhere, sites should be selected where a brand wants to position itself.

We must therefore identify targets but also adapt to the current tendency in our way of speaking. In the case of Baume & Mercier the media used are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Every day, more than 20 million users become fans of Facebook pages. According to a study by Chadwick Martin Bailey, the main reasons are identifying a trademark, key searching information retrieval and recommendation.

The network of friends is also the first lever to encourage a user to become a fan of a brand (Study Group Fullsix 2010) before the search pro-active and the push recruitment. It is not surprising, knowing that 45% of fans share with their friends information concerning brands at least once a month.

Storytelling and crowd-sourcing for world leading luxury watchmakers.

In order to guarantee the loyalty of a client we must make him want to stay. To be precise, a customer cannot be taken for granted: we must motivate him to stay. It is therefore necessary to listen, observe and be available not only through the more traditional tools like the telephone or e-mail but also through instruments like Facebook or Twitter, which offer an added degree of responsiveness and immediacy. A satisfied customer is a customer who will buy more on a regular basis cementing their fidelity so they may be an ambassador of your brand name and your products. The more variety we give to users of things to do, the more they want to get involved : we have established a relationship of trust because we have implemented action levers. As an example, we started in January 2010 the Fan Page of Baume & Mercier, with an operation of Story Telling tracing the history of the brand in fifteen episodes posted daily.

Then,  was able to launch several operations designed to test the responsiveness and involvement of Fans. At the end of 2010, another milestone was reached with the implementation of the so-called crowd-sourcing, which is to involve consumers in developing a product or in its promotion. This entailed making a video to participate as a reporter at the Salon de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva (SIHH) in January 2011. In the end, 78,000 fans have voted and named their two representatives.» Whether it is image, branding, or even generating sales, social media is an essential channel, measurable and effective, which must be integrated into a communication strategy.

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