GLOBAZ: Global from A to Z

A specialist in information technology for Swiss social insurance companies, Globaz is based in Le Noirmont in the canton of Jura. On top of its core business, the company has diversified its services into a range of new markets including for instance real estate insurances.Globaz designs, develops and rolls out IT solutions for its customers from Ticino, to the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland. The company’s growth since its creation in 2001 has been significant. It went from employing 20 people when it started to a staff of almost 70 today. For our business to thrive it is critical to be highly familiar with our clients’ business model and needs. Such an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business has been the foundation of our strategy since the beginning and enables us to truly add value. Thanks to this approach, Globaz is now among the leaders in its sector in Switzerland. Service-minded IT

IT is changing quickly and will certainly keep on doing so further in the future. In order to be competitive, companies need to focus on their core business. Our institutional clients are no exception. They outsource their IT services in order to focus on their core competencies. Given this specialization dynamic, companies are increasingly seeking to rely on a true partner rather than just a supplier to cover their IT needs. Instead of just providing management software, such partners have to provide integrated IT solutions that are both scalable and sustainable. Responding to this need, Globaz offers software, services and support to IT governance with a long term view. Our name embodies this approach as Globaz, stands for Global from A to Z. We are also convinced that in a highly competitive world, good computer skills alone are not sufficient to ensure the competitiveness of a company. Therefore, Globaz adds to its computer skills an in-depth knowledge of its customers’ business. The group truly acts as a centre of expertise for IT in the social insurance business.

This strategy requires having a very wide range of skills to cover both the business understanding and IT needs as a whole. Therefore, Globaz invest in the on-going development of expertise and knowledge of its staff. As it is also critical for schools to provide students with IT training that is aligned with business needs of companies such as ours, we have partnered with the technical high school HE-ARC. We also provide internal training courses and regularly send our staff to follow various trainings across Europe.Deep knowledge of businesses

Globaz provides services in software development and systems engineering.  Beyond, it has specialized human resources in the social insurances business. They are qualified to conduct deep business analysis in close collaboration with our customers. This set of advanced ‘’technical’’ business skills is our strength and competitive advantage.

Our development and growth has led us to build our own premises in order to have an infrastructure tailored to our specific activities. This infrastructure includes a highly secure computer shelter, training rooms, a customer service centre and a reception and conference area. IT management is particularly well suited to decentralization. The Jura, our region, is well connected to the information superhighways and our geographical position enhances the identification of our employees with the company, leading to a low turnover. With its high-level jobs, Globaz offers a significant potential for employment diversification in a peripheral region traditionally focused on microtechnology and watchmaking. Our environment is clearly an unusual asset in terms of image and it helps us to bolster our creativity. Last but not least, it creates a strong capital of sympathy among our customers and partners.

Finally, the Internet has disrupted business habits and will continue to do so as this channel is expected to grow more and more. Therefore, transactions between citizens, businesses and public institutions will be held less and less through traditional communication channels such as telephone or e-mail. We expect the development of e-business services available on the Internet to keep on booming and to grow further. This trend represents a major growth driver for our company in the years to come.

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