Gene Predictis turns to academy

Since 2005 Gene Predictis laboratory is offering top standard services to private clients in order to adjust their medication, nutrition and lifestyle in respect to their genetic predispositions. After a successful start as partner of private clinics and Pathology Laboratories, Gene Predictis is now adapting its know-how and technologies to offer services to academicals, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals.

Arrived last September from Oxford University, the new CEO Jurgi Camblong has composed a scientific committee in order to reach these new objectives. Jean-Claude Martinou, Professor at University of Geneva and former Head of Neurobiology Department at Serono, Lars Steinmetz, Head of the Genome Biology Unit at EMBL Heidelberg, and Christian Schmidt, founder of Cytion and picoDrill, will bring an added value to take the right decisions. A Molecular biology Platform to best serve Academic Research

Recently, Gene Predictis has participated in two large studies piloted by Departments from Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) and its participation in other academicals and industrial research projects is under scrutiny. “It is only the beginning of our new mission”, says Dr. Camblong. “As Swiss pioneers in personalised medicine it is Gene Predictis’ responsibility to participate in such studies. The medicine we believe in is individualised and our experience shows us that, as we are all unique, the determination of genetic predispositions is cardinal to adapt optimised treatments for everyone. Nowadays, technologies have been developed to identify genetic biomarkers that will revolutionise treatments of diseases such as cancer, diabetes or neurodegenerative disorders.” Gene Predictis is going to dedicate its main activity in collaborating for this purpose.

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