Former Logitech sales leader joins the SECU4 start-up

Currently based in Sierre in the canton of Valais, SECU4 employs six people. The latest hire is Breandan Mac Ferran, a former sales director who spent 14 years at Logitech EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa). Mac Ferran is joining the young company to set up the international distribution structure. With super-fast growth now in sight, it’s a crucial appointment.

The young start-up company has just confirmed a partnership with Apple, thanks to an iPhone- and iPod-compatible version of its main product, the Blue Watchdog. That makes SECU4 part of the select ecosystem of the most famous multinational in Silicon Valley. Apple sees Blue Watchdog as one of the most exciting innovations in the industry and will help the start-up to market its product. An indispensable anti-theft device

Apple’s endorsement may come as no surprise considering how well the Swiss innovation complements the US company’s product family. The size of a credit card, Blue Watchdog is an all-purpose anti-theft device to protect your belongings – such as a PC, a mobile phone or a handbag – by way of an app on your mobile phone and Bluetooth technology.

Blue Watchdog is both simple and user-friendly. You just slip it into your handbag, briefcase or any object you wish to protect and then send a text message to activate the system. If the protected object is between 10 and 50 meters from your phone, it sets off a 100 decibel alarm, loud enough to attract people’s attention and, hopefully, to encourage the thief to drop what he has just stolen and bolt. When your phone is on vibrate, the device can also be used without the alarm to remind you not to forget your belongings.

In 2012, the start-up plans to expand its product line with BlueWatchGPS (to protect goods or people via geolocation – useful for keys, for instance), to be followed by BlueWatchKid (protection in the proximity of children and other people), scheduled for 2014. In 2009, the US San Diego-based global media company Red Herring selected SECU4 as one of the top 100 cutting-edge firms in the world.

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