Bacula Systems: Swiss Quality Data Backup for the World’s Largest Enterprises.

“Data centres will no longer have to pay outrageous backup license fees” That was the passionate message from Dr Kern Sibbald, the day he founded Bacula Systems S.A. With this mission in mind, Bacula Systems has since ensured that enterprises finally have a choice when they find themselves being held to ransom by their backup software vendor. As IT departments within even the largest organisations increasingly shift the type of software they use from proprietary to open source, Bacula Systems is positioned as a leader in its specialized field of open source backup and restore software. The reasons so many companies are making the shift now are the product of the world we live in today: the critical need to reduce operational costs, to increase sustainability, and to reduce dependency from any specific suppliers.Escaping the “vendor Lock-in” dilemma

The Bacula Systems success story started in 2008, when Bank Austria came to Sibbald asking for help. Its data backup supplier was demanding over € 250000 in additional license fees for what amounted to a minor addition to the bank’s existing backup capacity. Naturally, the bank’s IT director was furious. This was a classic example of something known in the industry as ‘Vendor Lock-in’. Bacula Systems provided the bank with a professional open source solution that was fast and ten times lower in cost. The bank and Bacula Systems haven’t looked back since.

Bacula Systems provides high level open source backup and restore solutions for data centres. Open source software, just like proprietary software, can be good or poor quality. According to its customers, Bacula’s software firmly falls in the good category, and is relied on today by telecommunication giants, banks, governmental departments around the world – including the world’s largest international military alliance. Smaller enterprises are benefiting from the same technology, too, such as the Ecole des Métiers de Lausanne, or Mercy Ships, an international charity operating a fleet of hospital ships. Why is Bacula’s solution different? Because the software is open source, which means customers never have to become totally dependent on any one supplier.

According to Source Forge (the leading distribution-centre for open source software) statistics, Bacula has now reached the status of being the most popular enterprise-grade open source backup program in the world.Modernizing backup software

Some may find data backup, somewhat like insurance, is an unappealing subject. But when your data centre is suddenly destroyed by fire, flooded, subject to an electrical fault or catastrophically damaged by a cyber-attack, then being able to restore your data suddenly becomes the most appealing thing in the world. There are few enterprises that could survive the loss of all their data, and there have certainly been large businesses that have gone bankrupt as a result of being unable to restore vital information.

Bacula’s enterprise-class software is not just about price, however. It also provides a way for an IT department to modernize its backup software, improve the speed of data backup, or add higher levels of sophistication and security. Military organizations for example, rely on Bacula not so much because of its low cost, but rather because Bacula’s superior levels of security help prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.

One of the factors that data centres especially appreciate about Bacula Systems is its progressively-minded pricing model. Customers don’t pay for the software: instead, it’s packaged into an annual subscription that also includes both guaranteed response-time support and access to the special ‘Data Restore SWAT Team’. There’s another nice twist, too: the size of the data centre is irrelevant to the price Bacula Systems charges, with the subscription covering an unlimited number of machines that can be backed up. That means an IT department can grow in size as much as it wants, without having to be concerned about being charged more in license fees.Immediate support

Bacula Systems support staff are all seasoned IT professionals with many years of experience. This depth of experience has taught them that when a customer needs help, he or she needs immediate access to a true expert. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer seeking emergency support than to first have to navigate around an inadequately qualified junior at a support desk. This is the reason all Bacula Systems software developers and project leaders participate significantly in customer support, ensuring customers get immediate and direct contact with a leading expert.

Even though Bacula Systems is a global company, with customers in the U.S, Brazil, Asia and all over Europe, its Swiss customers get a special advantage: they are in the home country of Dr. Kern Sibbald, who personally visits and performs ‘health checks’ in the IT departments of Swiss clients, to make sure that Bacula’s advanced technology is configured for optimum safety and lightning-fast backup performance.


Vendor Lock-in Bacula’s Open Source back-up solutions free clients from outrageous licence fee.

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