Asyril starts its international expansion

Spun off from the Swiss Centre for Electronic and Microtechnology (CSEM) only three years ago, Asyril is already entering into the German markets thanks to a distribution agreement with Frei Technik + Systeme. The move illustrates the company’s strategy: it is planning a similar expansion this year in France and another later in the United States.

“Germany and particularly south Germany is home to numerous sensor manufacturers and components subcontractors,” explains Alain Codourey, CEO of Asyril. “The robots we have developed, the smallest industrial robots in the world, are particularly well suited to their needs, especially in clean rooms where any bit of space is expensive”. Smallest industrial robot

In fact the camera-guided Pocket Delta robot, prototyped at CSEM and developed when Asyril became an affiliate of the CPA Group in Fribourg in 2007, has a volume of just one litre. Even so, it can perform up to four pick-and-place motions per second. And the robot’s ability to carry out repeat tasks with movements below 2.5 micrometres makes it especially well suited for microassembly.

This Swiss Technology Award winner is now associated with Asycube, a component-feeding vibrating platform that selects extremely small parts from bulk during industrial processes such as conditioning or assembling. Quickly adopted by Swiss watchmaking giants such as Tag Heuer, the success of this automation system has fed double-digit growth during Asyril’s first three years. But with one client in the semiconductor industry in Zurich already equipped and another Swiss customer in medical devices, Codourey has identified strong new growth potential in those two sectors for small robots. “They are cost effective not only because they are compact but also because their size make them cheaper to produce,” he adds.

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