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Bausch Advanced Technology Group (BATG) combines an extensive experience of over 25 years in engineering and manufacturing of machinery dedicated to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry. Founded in 2007, the Group benefits from a well-established corporate infrastructure with 5 major packaging machinery suppliers as its cornerstones. With its expertise utilized across the facilities Alphacos SA and A-Pack Technologies SA in Switzerland, Base Europe in Germany, Basim Maquinas Ltda. in Brazil and Bausch Advanced Technologies, Inc. in the USA, the group has excellent worldwide coverage. The pharmaceutical packaging products in which BATG specializes are syringes, vials, cartridges, ampoules and IV bags. The group mainly focuses on pharmaceutical primary packaging and offers solutions ranging from small batch processing to full packaging lines covering machines such as washers, sterilization tunnels, filling and closing machines, tray loaders, labeling machines, nester / de-nester, buffer units, laminar flow units, safety device assembly machines, bag making machines, aseptic bag filling machines and many more.Close to customers

We believe building a strong client relationship is very important for creating innovative new products. Therefore each BATG location was chosen to be geographically close to our customers, to offer the level of service and support they require. The group also has a wide network of international sales agents who are committed to find and maximizie business opportunities. Carefully chosen agents in 40 different countries enable the group to keep in touch with their customers in a common language. All representatives are recruited locally, thus having the advantage of first-hand local knowledge of the area, the industry and the customers.  To sustain a professional relationship with its worldwide customers and be able to provide fast and competent support on BATG machines at any time, the group regularly organizes sales trainings across the globe to keep its agents updated on the latest developments.

Owing to its international presence and in compliance with the relevant international standards, the group has already successfully implemented high level customer service and customized project management. Bausch’s services include installation, set-up, repair and maintenance of Bausch and/or customers existing machines, spare and wear-parts, machine accessories such as dosing pumps and filling, rinsing or gassing needles, as well as consulting services.The business strategy of the Bausch Group is based on customized solutions. Each machinery order is undertaken on an individual project basis. The group’s expert teams talk to the customers to understand exactly what they need their machines to achieve and then use this information to tailor the machines accordingly. BATG is able to look at the customer’s existing machines and develop a report on what will best utilize their current capabilities as well as providing new purpose-built machinery. The group has found that this allows them to create exact solutions for their client’s pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Research and development plays a key part in BATG’s business strategy. The European base in Switzerland (Alphacos SA and A-Pack Technologies SA), as well as its three other manufacturing sites, has full product responsibility and state-of-the-art testing and development equipment. The R&D capabilities are centered on developing innovative new machines but also on improving testing abilities for both existing machinery and machines of its customers. The group is constantly developing new systems and procedures so that the products run more smoothly.





Aiming for the top 3BATG is also working with a large network of technical schools and universities, each year giving mechanical and electrical engineering students the chance to participate in an internship at one of the manufacturing facilities, or even write their diploma there. Thus students are given the chance of getting a richer understanding of machine engineering and building first contacts to the industry at the same time. In addition to in-house research and development BATG works with several partners in the industry on a project basis to achieve the best possible solutions for each customer. The cooperation with specialized companies allows BATG to work and introduce customers to technology which is complementing the machines they buy or already have, like isolators or clean room equipment for example.

With each new pharmaceutical product costing its clients on average 650 million euros, with patents that can take ten years, they need the best delivery times so that they can sell their products as quickly as possible and start to recoup their massive investment. Bausch Advanced Technology Group is a key partner in this process, with efficient, reliable products created by highly experienced engineers who understand the time-sensitive, quality-focused nature of our customers projects.

BATG has a particularly strong presence in the US pharmaceutical market, which is the world’s largest, with Europe and South America, primarily Brazil, following. BATG has delivered machinery products to eight out of the top ten pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide and is currently in the top five in its industry. The next years for BATG will see it raising its brand awareness across its global markets, with the aim of reaching the top three providers for this type of product.

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