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What are the aims and ambitions of the new eGov Technology Center in Fribourg? The expectations placed on e-Government are changing, in Switzerland, as elsewhere. On the one hand many new requirements are appearing, whilst at the same time the technology is able to offer far more. Citizens have high expectations. As a result, we are at a crossroads, and this is a key moment at which to drive the development and implementation of new eGovernment applications. The eGov Technology Center aims to facilitate the development of e-Government technology in line with market standards and to support local authorities and businesses in the use of these technologies.  What type of expertise will the Center develop?The Center will build a Swiss network of expertise in e-government, responding to market needs by bringing together complementary skills within the center, allowing our members to establish, develop and test cutting-edge solutions. It will coordinate the activities of academic, public and private partners in the field of online administration, creating added value by making government run more efficiently and leading to the development of new markets. In addition, the Center will support feasibility studies and make the results of these available.  To what extent will companies be able to get involved in the work of the new Center?Businesses have many skills to offer the Center, and we are pleased to invite them to become members and benefit from the network. Non-member companies will also have the opportunity to market the results of feasibility studies following the payment of a fee. In addition, some time-limited projects may seek to use skills found in non member companies. Finally, any company can benefit from our eGovernment training programmes.

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