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Rajiv Patel is economic attaché at the Embassy of India in Berne and business columnist for Swiss Radio and Television. He has a degree in finance from the University of Delhi and does management consultancy for large corporations worldwide. He enjoys cricket, sudoku and love songs.

Should I get an MBA? Which one should I choose?

Dear Rajiv,

Should I get an MBA?  Which one should I choose?

Dominique T., Geneva

Aspiring actresses and models can easily double their salaries by investing in a nice, matching pair of breast implants. In the corporate world, ambitious people do the same thing, only they call it an MBA. Of course, they cost a pretty penny up front, so you need to be very determined. But the return on investment is first-class. I definitely recommend.

As with all important decisions, you need to start by shopping around a bit, and find what suits you best. Some people want small and discreet; others prefer nice and big. But whichever school you choose to go to, make sure it is accredited and has a good reputation. The last thing you want is your investment going pear-shaped after just a few years.

It is also important to select the right country for your career-booster. Traditionally, America has always been number one, with places like Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, the Mayo Clinic, and so on. Emerging countries, like China, are catching up fast. But as you are in Switzerland, I think you should stay local. For instance, you can get a world-class education at IMD in Lausanne. Or you can go for one of the suckerfish nearby that feed off IMD’s reputation. And if you want to squeeze in a boob job between semesters, just head down to Montreux: the people at La Prairie or LaClinic will be glad to enhance your assets.

All in all, there are many roads to success. Some people zig-zag slowly upwards in their career, while others spend a hundred thousand bucks on an MBA and hope this will be the ticket onto the fast lane. But some lucky people are simply born with what it takes. Think of Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs. Or Samantha Fox. None of them have MBAs: just natural talent.

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