Démystifier l'IA/Zurich/25 septembre

Une soirée organisée par Girls In Tech pour comprendre le potentiel de l'IA et ce qu'elle peut apporter en termes de carrière. Evénement en anglais.
Une soirée de débats et de discussions sur l'IA. Après un débat avec des intervenantes toutes actives dans le domaine de l'IA, dont la responsable des Data de la start-up zurichoise à succès Ava, questions et réponses seront ouvertes à la salle. Inscription en ligne a réaliser ici. Début de l'évènement à 18:30. Informations pratiques à retrouver en ligne.  

Join us for an exciting event about Artificial Intelligence - all you ever wanted to know and never dared to ask!

Women from different fields of AI (University, Start-up, Healthcare) will attend our panel and give you a better understanding of AI and its possibilities. More panelists will be announced over the next weeks.

Agenda 18.30 Registration 19.00 Panel discussion about AI (Challenges, opportunities, career advice) 19.45 Q & A with the panelists

The event will be followed by a Networking Apero where you will get the chance to talk to panel participants and speakers in more details


Sophie Hundertmark, Founder of h-square Sophie holds a masters degree in Business Administration and Online Business. She has worked in various industries and countries and has focused more and more on online business and digital strategies in recent years. As founder and partner of h-square, she develops strategies for the use of chatbots and supports her clients in the overall marketing mix. In February 2017, Sophie founded the meet-up group "AI in Marketing". The feedback was so great that it is now developing into a conference.

Lisa Falco, Director of Data Science at Ava Lisa leads the data science team and algorithm development at Ava. She has an MSc in Engineering Physics from Chalmers, Sweden and PhD in Biomedical Imaging from EPFL, Switzerland. Before joining Ava she worked as a data scientist at Solianis Monitoring developing algorithms for non-invasive glucose monitoring and as a product manager for micro-CT scanners at Scanco Medical. Lisa loves working in the interface between technology and medicine. She sees data science and machine learning as amazing tools to drive research forward and to develop products and methods that have a real impact on people’s lives.

Maria Veiga, PhD student Maria received her MSc in Computational Science and is pursuing a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science at the University of Zurich. Part of her research includes applications of Machine Learning in different fields such as computational fluid dynamics, optimisation and natural language processing. Previously, she worked as a Machine Learning research assistant in R&D Critical Technologies at Alstom (General Electric).

 more panellists soon to be announced!

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